Season 2 of The Circle is a drama-filled reality show about social media

If you’re a fan of reality TV or social media, make sure to catch up with Netflix’s The Circle.

The Circle is a reality TV show on Netflix where contestants/players can compete to win $100,000 dollars. The contestants/players can either play as themself or they can play as a “catfish”, which is pretending to be someone that they are not.  During The Circle the players will have to complete challenges in the game and they also have to rate the other contestants in order to move on, playing on the concept of being polite and responsible while existing in online anonymity like social media.

The dramatic moment of season 2 occurred when there was a big fight between two players named Savannah and Terilisha.  During a challenge called Truth or Dare, Terilisha was asked who is the biggest game player?  Terilisha answered “Savannah.” 

Savannah asks if she sees her as a threat, then Terilisha fired back by saying, “You definitely didn’t keep a promise.” 

After Savannah was asked who does she trust least in the game?  Savannah said, “Terilisha” and then she added, “She’ll say anything to get you to like her, but when she’s an influencer, she won’t save you.” 

Terilisha responded by saying, “#Pathetic”. 

The good and best parts of the show The Circle Season 2 were the challenges they did. One of the challenges that they did was the pancake challenge in episode 6 when they had to make a pancake of their favorite spirit animal. At the end, the players took a picture of their spirit animal pancake. Then the players voted for which one they liked the most and after the winner of the pancake challenge wins. The winner possibly gets a higher chance of being an influencer. 

Another good part of the show The Circle Season 2 was in episode 7 when all the players in The Circle received a mannequin.  All the players had to make their own Glamequin and they got to style their Glamequin, make it look amazing, decorate it.  During when all the players were making and styling their own Glamequin, a player named Chloe said, “We want natural beauty’’. Chloe then added, “I have perfected the art of glitter”.

Another part of the show that works really well is the last episode which is the 13th episode of The Circle Season 2. The top 5 players in the last episode got ready and dressed because they were gonna meet the other players face to face. The 5 players would see if the person they were talking and communicating well is a catfish or their true self.  The players came one by one. The first player that came first was Chloe. Chloe got an alert that Trevor was coming and Chloe was really excited to wait and see if Trevor, who is played by Deleesa, the wife of the real Trevor, is who she says she is. 

Chloe saw Deleesa and not Trevor which meant Trevor was a catfish. Chloe’s face dropped, she was so surprised, and she was so so shocked because she thought it was gonna be Trevor but instead it was Deleesa the wife of the real Trevor. Chloe hugged Deleesa and had a conversation with her and Chloe said “I’m just absolutely shocked”. Chloe added saying “In the back of my head, I’m like, “I’m not going to fall for this guy”. 

Deleesa said, “Oh I’m so sorry”, “I felt bad about that”, “he is real”, “he’s my husband though”. Deleesa added saying, “Hey, I mean, there’s room for a third in our marriage if you, you know”. 

After their conversation, another alert came saying that another player in the top 5 named Courtney is coming. Courtney came and said “Hi!”. Courtney was also very shocked that Trevor was Deleesa, Trevor’s wife. They all had a very good conversation together. Another alert came and it said that River which is played by Lee, is coming. Everyone was all shocked that he was a catfish, they were screaming and they were so happy when River came. Lastly, the last top player named John played by Jack and Lisa came. They were all so surprised that John was two catfishes, they were very cheerful and they were shouting. All of the players gave hugs and they welcomed and said hi to everyone.

In my opinion, I think people should watch the show because this show entertains you. The show is funny, it’s a reality show which I really like about it. The show makes you feel very happy, excited, and it’s just really an extremely ongoing adventure to watch it. The show makes people shocked, it makes people want to enjoy the show because of the amazing players that entertain us. The show makes me laugh, giggle. It shows me the players’ personalities and what they do for fun. Lastly, this show gives me a lot of good energy and I just love how this show stands out as its own.