Shadow and Bone is a worthy series no matter the platform

The book series that trended on TikTok is now an entertaining Netflix show.

The hit Netflix show, Shadow and Bone, was released on April 23 but was originally a book series that was published on June 5, 2012, by author Leigh Bardugo.  Prior to the TV series, the novels had and gained popularity on Tik Tok specifically as it is called BookTok.  If you have read the series, seen the TikTok posts, or just want an awesome show to watch, this show is entertaining.

Shadow and Bone is about a teenage girl named Alina Stravok. She is an orphan and is a mapmaker in the first army until later on, she finds out that she is a sun summoner, meaning that she could make light appear.  Alina is thought to be the salvation of her country, Ravaka, and would be able to restore it all by destroying the fold.  The fold separates Ravaka in half, the west and eastern part, which is a strip of darkness that monsters, such as the flesh-eating Volcra, inhabit.  Alina is a brave protagonist; when she sees a problem, she fixes it rather than running away as some people would. She is a loyal person and would do anything to protect her friends and she also knows better than to let people’s opinions get to her.    

Another main character is Kaz Becker, who is the leader of a gang in Ketterdam.  He is second in command to the man who runs the gang, but everyone knows that he is truly the one who runs things.  Kaz is more of a serious character and always likes to be in control of a situation.  He is very quick-witted and always has other plans up his sleeve if the first one goes wrong.  Kaz could be a bit cold-hearted, but no matter what he always keeps his word.           

As the series progresses, Alina is trained because they want her to become stronger and be able to destroy the fold because the Volcra are only afraid of one thing: the light.  She trains and becomes better at handling her power.  The citizens of Ravaka begin seeing her as their salvation, and some even go as far as to call her “Sankta Alina.”  This makes her appear like a saint. 

On the other hand, many people don’t want Alina alive.  During the show, there are some assassination attempts toward Alina because some forces want things to remain the same.  Many of the assassination attempts were not that predictable.  They did create suspense to the point where I couldn’t keep watching because I was afraid of what might occur next.  There were many plot twists throughout the show that were totally unexpected and I could’ve never seen coming.   

This show contains many friendships and loyalties such as Alina’s friendship with Mal. They have been together since they were children and through one of the hardest parts of their lives. Every happy memory that they contained each other in it. They trusted each other and would risk their lives for one another. 

I believe that people should watch this show because it contains a lot of action which keeps you entertained rather than bored. The show contains many loyalties and friendships where people rely on each other, but it also shows hardships that some of the characters are going through or have overcome.