Korean corn dogs are the can’t-miss street food of 2021

After trending on YouTube and TikTok, the Korean corn dogs have found their way to Orange County. You should definitely try one!

Korean Corn dogs, or Gajama-hotdog, are similar to American corn dogs but are made without cornmeal batter.  The Corn dogs are either stuffed with mozzarella cheese, sausage, or both.  Some common toppings are potatoes, ramen noodles, panko breadcrumbs, or cornflakes.  Korean corn dogs are considered street food in Korea.

Many people started to try these corn dogs after many people on Youtube and TikTok started making videos about them and went viral. 

One retailer in Orange County to get your Korean corn-dogs is Myungrang Hotdog.  Where the corn-dogs are freshly made.  You can either get your corn dog with or without sugar-coated all over it.  You can also dip it in sugar if you’d like.

Some people rather eat their Korean corn dog with ketchup but many people also like mustard, barbeque sauce, sweet chili sauce, or even mayonnaise.  However, in my opinion, it tastes much better without any sauces.

When you first bite into the corndog the most satisfying part is seeing the cheese pull.  The inside of the corn dog is very fluffy and cheesy which makes the corn dog very tasty.  The crunch is a very pleasing sound. 

The sugar does not take the flavor of the corn dog away but makes it taste much better.  I did not like any sauces on my corn dog because I felt like the taste of the ketchup, the cheese, and the sugar did not satisfy my taste buds. 

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend that you try a Korean corn-dog because it is definitely worth it.  The cheese pull, the crunch, and the flavor is something you could never get tired of hearing and tasting.