Selena’s story ends with the season 2 release of the Netflix series

Recently, Netflix came out with a series to show the life of famous Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. The show started its first season on December 4, 2020, and on May 4, season 2 came out.  With 40 minute episodes, it captured the process of the young singer from her early days to becoming famous to her last breaths. 

Season one starts with the singer and her family going through money problems and losing almost everything. To the point where they were struggling where to live, which forced them to live with Selena’s uncle.  Her dad, Abraham Quintanilla, makes her and her siblings start performing as a musical act.  The Quintanillas perform locally from senior centers to weddings, birthdays, and anywhere they can earn a paycheck.  They then start traveling to larger gigs where they then go on road trips on their famous bus “Big Bertha”.  Part one did captivate the struggle in her early life and the beginning of her career.  

Season two shows how she gets more and more famous.  Bigger concerts, record labels, new songs, and even having to learn how to sing differently than she originally started with.  It also shows how busy she was managing everything from signing record deals, to meetings, interviews, and family time.  Selena was also at the point of wanting to open her own boutique which consisted of doing nails, hair, her fan club, and her clothing line.  All of which she had to juggle with including her recent marriage with guitar player Chris Perez, who she had to marry in secret at first. 

Season 2 was fun to watch because it details how Selena grows and accomplishes her dreams.  It makes a first-time fan realize why she was loved by many.  For knowledgeable fans of Selena, there is the dark foreshadowing when Yolanda Saldivar is hired to help run the fan club and some of Selena’s other business interests. 

A highlight of the second season shows the 1994 moment when she won her first Grammy for best Mexican-American Album.  After the recognition, Selena started working on her American album “Dreaming of You”.  Sadly, she never got to see it being published. 

Selena’s music was mostly about love, like her famous song “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” an onomatopoeia for how her heart beats when she sees the love of her life.  The songwriting process is featured in the show, specifically how her brother AB was central to Selena’s music. The songs are very catchy to sing and dance to since most are upbeat. 

Overall the two seasons managed to take a peek at how the life of the young singer really was.  It takes the viewers back to the 1990s and those last moments of her life make you feel like those people felt at that time.  Selena inspired so many singers and people with her big smile, kind attitude, and upbeat personality.