MacArthur students and staff return to campus

After over a year of distance learning, MacArthur students and staff return to campus.

For the 2021 -2022 school year, students and staff returned to the MacArthur campus.  After a year of distance learning, a COVID-19 vaccine was made, making the return of students and staff on campus possible.  Parents also made this return possible, but there are new rules in place when students and staff are on the campus. 

“It feels like being at home again, the campus didn’t feel right without kids,” said Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales. 

Students came back from a year of distance learning. Distance learning was when students were learning from their devices at home instead of going to the campus to learn.

During distance learning, teachers used Canvas or Google Classroom to assign assignments, quizzes, and tests. Although Canvas and Google Classroom were used during distance learning, many teachers still use them for in-person learning.  Zoom was a learning platform that allowed teachers to teach students from the comfort of their own home.  

Many students have opinions about distance learning.  Seventh-grader Lucia V. said, “Distance learning made it difficult for me to learn because the bedside was just right next to me.”  

All Santa Ana Unified School District campuses were shut down due to COVID-19.  During the Spring of 2020, schools were shutting down and students were beginning distance learning.  The district decided this for the safety of students ever since the virus cases started rising, causing more places to shut down.  A COVID vaccine was developed just in time to be able to start the 2021-2022 school year. 

Returning students and staff have to follow new rules that have been put in place.  According to  Gonzales, the biggest rule to follow is the use of masks on campus.  Masks are mandatory for all students and staff in doors and strongly recommended whenever outdoors.

As an extra precautionary step, students are also tested for COVID every Tuesday.  

The additional safety steps may not be enough for everyone.  Eighth-grader Jamilet S. said, “It feels wrong to be back on campus because a pandemic is still going on.”