MacArthur faces the Devious Licks TikTok trend

A social media trend influences MacArthur students to damage school property.

In early September, the MacArthur bathrooms were damaged by a group of students participating in the “devious licks” TikTok challenge. The damages included removing the soap dispensers, which cause the bathrooms to be shut down while the repairs were made.

The devious licks challenge included students trying to break things in the bathrooms and steal items from classrooms.

“The school paid $1,000 in damage,” Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales said.  The students who committed the devious licks were punished with detention or suspension from campus.  “The trend is over and it shouldn’t happen again.”

Gonzales said he could not specify what was stolen or damaged because he did not want the students to brag about their role in the trend.

Seventh-grader Bellasophia P. said, “It’s awful because you’re ruining something that’s supposed to help you.  The school is supposed to look nice and clean, even if you hate school; don’t ruin it for people that like school.” 

Now, when students use the restroom, they have to take their Agenda and sign their names to go to the restroom.  

Eighth-grader Alessandra A. said, “It’s immature and stupid, what are you going to get out of breaking and stealing things. It hasn’t affected me but I do believe it affected others.  I think this trend should not be done and it makes me mad that students did this trend.” 

“I don’t like destruction or people stealing things,” said seventh-grader Tiffany G.. 

Aside from the devious licks, there have been several other challenges on TikTok and other social media platforms. On a positive note, one challenge was the ice bucket challenge of 2015. That challenge helped bring awareness to A.L.S and raised money for an important cause.