The Halloween Dance returns from hiatus

The first dance since campus shutdown festively celebrated Halloween.

The music played by the D.J. filled the quad while students in costumes laughed and danced.  There was the gorilla, the dinosaur, M&Ms, and taking pictures of the scene were the girls wearing bright, stylish wigs. 

MacArthur had a Halloween Dance in the quad after school on October 29 to let students celebrate Halloween with their friends and raise money for Associated Student Body, A.S.B.  According to Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan, about 550 students attended the dance.  Aside from A.S.B., the dance was sponsored by the AVID program, Advancement Via Individual Determination, and the MacArthur chapter of the California Junior Scholastic Federation, C.J.S.F.

Eighth-grader Emily Chau said, “I thought the dance wasn’t that special.  It was kind of like an ordinary party.” 

Besides the music, to keep students entertained, C.J.S.F. and AVID had some fun Halloween-themed games and activities.  There was face painting, walking on stilts and many more.  If students wanted to play games, they could purchase four tickets for one dollar.  There was also a photobooth where students could also take pictures with their friends.  As a last-minute bonus, the Chick-fil-A cow came to visit and join in all the fun.  The cow gave out coupons for Chick-fil-A to lucky students that took pictures with it. 

Sixth-grader Vivianne N. thought the photobooth “was really fun.” 

Of course, the Halloween Dance wouldn’t be the Halloween dance without the costumes. Students and even staff dressed up for the Halloween Dance.  Students were allowed to change into their costumes after school before the dance in the P.E. locker rooms.  There were a variety of costumes at the dance, some attempted to be funny, some attempted to be creative, and some attempted to be unique.

ELA teacher Mr. Gregory Celestino has a personal favorite costume, “My favorite costume would have to be these three girls dressed up in wigs, and I think their names were Terry, Judianna, and Lyndal.”