Flannels and white Air Force shoes dominate the early fashion trends

Like many so many other parts of student life, fashion returns to campus after the year of distance learning.

As school resumed on campus, students once again had an opportunity to show off their fashion sense.  Depending on tastes and what was available in stores, fashion trends develop every year, and this year is no different.

A few items that seem to begin trending this year are white Air Forces and flannels.  White Air Forces are a Nike shoe product.  While it can be risky to wear white shoes because they get dirty easily, they can really make a statement when they are clean.  As far as flannels go, those are the plaid-style patterned shirts that are often worn as outerwear or jackets.

Seventh-grader Eknor S. said, “Fashion is very unique.  It is also a way to express yourself.”  Fashion is not just how people look or present themselves, it may show some of our personalities or interests, too.

Seventh-grader Max C. agreed, saying, “I think that fashion shows how creative you can be about what you are wearing.”

Seventh-grader Mia Landaverde said, “Trendy outfits are weird.  You can go from a super trendy outfit, and then the next day, there’s an even more popular one. The trendiness will die down.  Like how before coronavirus, people and students used to care so much about their appearance, and during online learning, they just want to be comfy.”  This shows that fashion over the years changes.  

Comparing this year’s outfits to last year’s outfits, most people were probably in their pajamas and clothes that they will feel comfy in while learning from home.  The main reason for that is because, on Zoom, students for the most part didn’t have their cameras on or only had the camera on their face.  The outfits were casual or even sleepwear.

Of course, MacArthur students have some limitations because of the dress code.  Some items that are not allowed in the dress code are ripped jeans and tank tops, which apply to both boys and girls. It is likely that if ripped jeans were allowed, that would be a trend everyone would see a lot more of.