Reopen the snack bar!

Money seems to be an obstacle in improving school lunch, so use the snack bar to raise revenue.

If you were to ask students attending school in the U.S about how good their school lunch is quality-wise, I can almost guarantee you that a majority of them will say that it is horrible and needs to be replaced by a variety of healthier food options.  It may be impossible to please everyone with cafeteria food, but here at MacArthur, there may be a simple solution.

This problem does not seem very important at first because almost all schools have complaints about the food served at school.  However, there may be some problems to consider.

Potentially, students could get sick off of expired or bad food.  That does not seem to occur at MacArthur, but there are complaints about food that is still cold or frozen and some fruit that may be past its prime. 

There’s also a problem with students eating less and less because they choose not to eat what is offered.  A lack of nutrition can lead to stress, anger, tiredness, etc. which is why we should start coming up with ideas on how to make our lunch better.

A solution to this problem would be to open up the old snack bar that we used to have, so kids can at least eat a good snack, considering how popular it was back in 2019.  With the money made from the snack bar, we could probably have a budget and use it towards things like a salad bar, with healthy food options.  Or we could also reopen the other student store, which was filled with snacks, drinks, etc.

On the contrary, many people are aware that this school district, or the school, does not have that much money to just give away for things like improved food.  That means the school and district need to find a way to raise money.

The snack bar can be a moneymaker!  It was popular when open before, and that popularity could help raise funds for healthier, more appetizing options, such as a salad bar.  The salad bar could also be in the cafeteria, or possibly right next to it outside since there might not be space. This potential idea of a new snack bar, as well as healthier food options, would cause major improvement within our lunch.