Students consider college, career, and beyond through MacTivities

MacTivities engage students in college and career preparedness.

College and career readiness gives students the opportunity to think about their future. Throughout the school year, counselors offer lessons and advice to get students college and career-ready.  At MacArthur, this culminates with college and career day, in which professionals visit campus to give presentations to students.  It can give students an idea of what they like or are interested in. 

All McArthur students are given the opportunity to participate in MacTivities. For those who don’t already know, MacTivities are a set of activities students get to do to be college and career-ready.  Each grade has a different set of activities to complete. Each time a student completes one of the activities listed, they get to check it off and get rewarded according to how many activities they completed. 

MacTivities started in January and will end on March 25. They will end with a field trip to a selected college.

Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan said, “MacTivities helps our students explore college and career options for their future.” 

Each grade has a different set of activities. Completing a certain amount of activities can get students different prizes. Students who complete 10 activities get college gear, completing 12 gets students a medal, and completing 15 activities gets students a trip to a selected college. 

Eighth-grader Ashley A. said, “MacTivities are very helpful because it teaches you about college.” 

So far for this year’s field trip, the counselors plan on going to UCLA but are not completely sure 

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the trip is planned but there is a risk it could be canceled.  The counselors’ hopes are to go to UCLA.  Currently, eighth graders are in the lead for participation. In previous years, sixth graders have been the grade who completes the most.

Eighth-grader Deztinee M. said, “MacTivities are helping me get college and career ready” 

In the past years, MacTivities field trips have gone to Cal State Fullerton, USC, University of San Diego, and Cal State Channel Islands, and Biola. The counselors created MacTivities because they wanted students to start exploring college and career opportunities.  This allows students to be more aware of the opportunities they have and possibly have an idea of what they want to do in the future.