Eighth grader shows his AMBITION

As students walk around the MacArthur campus, they might notice bright hoodies that have the logo AMBITION. They might ask themselves, “Where can I get a hoodie?” This trending brand is actually created by eighth-grader student Joseph P.  Joseph is an outgoing student looking to create something unique. He has been planning to start the brand since seventh grade. This year, he has created a popular brand called AMBITION. AMBITION is a clothing brand that specializes in hoodies and other accessories.

What inspired you to create a brand?

“During quarantine, I wanted to be productive instead of just wasting my time. I have been planning to start this project since seventh grade.”

Who helped you start up your business?

“My friend’s brother helped me start my brand. My sister also creates the designs for my brand! Everyone around me helps me by supporting me and my business.”

How far do you think you will go?

“I want to at least make it to high school with AMBITION. I would like to get my brand bigger than just around school. It would be a waste just to stop after all the support I got.”

Who helps you with your business?

“I have friends who are kind of like my models. ‘Gino’ F. and Vanessa F. post online with my clothing brand to promote my business.”

What does Ambition mean to you?

“AMBITION is more than a brand to me. AMBITION means having a strong desire to create something, wanting to do something new. I was ambitious to start something great.”  

Ten years from now, Joseph imagines himself still selling and becoming something greater than now because he doesn’t plan on the brand ending this project here at MacArthur. He plans to keep going through high school. “It would be a waste to stop here considering how far I have gotten with everyone’s support especially since I’ve sold over 40 hoodies,” said Joseph. Joseph plans on coming out with other accessories such as shirts and two types of zip-ups. Go support him by buying his hoodies!