Just stop those Insta-accounts

I have had enough of those Instagram accounts that catch students in compromising positions.

As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you might notice some MacArthur accounts. You might see that there are MacArthur fits, MacArthur ships, MacArthur couples, and the most popular, MacArthur sleeps. These accounts are popular and posts spread quickly because students are interested in seeing the gossip.

School Instagram accounts have become a big problem in highlighting embarrassing student behaviors, whether it is the caught lacking, confessions, random things, bad posture, couples, hairlines, toes, etc. These accounts are rude, disturbing, and overall inappropriate. These accounts should not be a stressor that students should have to worry about. Many students fear these pages because they are designed for embarrassment.

The reason teachers and staff find these accounts destructive is because they do not represent what MacArthur is. It distracts students from achieving. One of the punishments for running an account is being suspended because the accounts have become so problematic.

Counselor Mr. David Diaz said, “I’m saddened that people are having fun doing damaging accounts that could put a bad reputation to them or our school.”

Where is the harm in an Instagram account? If these accounts posted a bad picture of a student without their consent, that could lead to bullying. Imagine if you were posted to an account and were made fun of every day!

For example, the account MacArthur Caught Lacking posts pictures of students messing around during class. A student who was posted might find the photo posted of them embarrassing or harmful and other kids might bully them. If these accounts could ask for consent to post a picture of someone, it would change the tone to a positive one.

Another thing the administrators of the account can do in order for them to be less harmful is that if a photo that is posted without consent is posted, the person in the photo can ask to take down the post.

I say that these accounts should be taken down, but if the owners of the account leave them up, at least they should ask permission before posting. Finally, the purpose of the accounts should never be to bully or hurt others.  With these changes, the Instagram accounts could turn from a hurtful, damaging force, to a lighter, more spirited one.