The second semester brings dress code checks

Attempting to strengthen and reinforce expectations, MacArthur teachers and administration have instituted Dress Code checks through Tiger Connection.

The dress code is a set of rules that students must follow.  For tops, any solid color shirt, polo, blouse, spirit wear, sweater, or a T-shirt but logos must be smaller than three inches are allowed. For bottoms, any solid color slacks, skirts, culottes, shorts, Bermuda shorts, dresses with sleeves and a collar, jumpers, and blue or black jeans but must be free from tears, rips, or holes. There are rules about headwear, about backpacks, and shoes, too.  All can be found in the school Agenda, pages 4-5.

Starting in the second semester, MacArthur teachers and staff have started dress code checks to strengthen and enforce the existing policies. The faculty are checking in MacArthur classrooms and throughout campus beginning in Tiger Connection class but continuing throughout the day. Students who get caught are sent to the office with a Dress Code citation.

The average amount of students that get sent to the office for a dress code is 25.  According to Discipline Tech Mrs.Teresa Salazar, the Dress Code is simpler when stricter: “We should go back to uniform khakis and polos. It makes it easier for parents and staff.”

In January, the first Tiger Connection check was on backpacks.  Infractions for the backpack include any writing or inappropriate designs.  Following the backpacks, the faculty completed a check on shirts.

Sixth-grader Christopher C. said, “It was unfair I got dress coded for my sweater its logo was too big. I was let off with a warning.”

Not all students follow the uniform guide.  There is a waiver available, which means having more options for clothing, but students have to follow the district dress and groom guidelines, regardless of waiver status.

Grooming is a part of the district-level rules. There are guidelines on hair, prohibited items like white t-shirts, among other rules.  When not following the dress code, students are issued a consequence and take their form up to Salazar. 

Prior to the 2013-2014 school year, every MacArthur student had to wear a uniform. At that time, the waiver the school offered allowed only for different colored collared shirts, and jeans were never allowed.  However, the school district leadership interpreted MacArthur’s guidelines to be illegal.  Since then, MacArthur has one of the lowest participation rates in the uniform policy among Santa Ana Unified intermediate schools.