COVID rapid tests give students and families a peace of mind

Each MacArthur student received two rapid COVID tests for use at home.

Julieta feels a little sick. She cannot decide whether she should go to school or not. Luckily for Julieta and her family, she can test for COVID at home to make the safest decision possible.

The COVID rapid test otherwise known as “iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test” includes two COVID-19 Test cards, two cheek/nose swabs, and is something that students can use when feeling any symptoms of COVID, such as new loss of taste or smell, cough, fatigue, etc.  Results from the test come in approximately 15 minutes. 

MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School gave away 2 covid rapid tests to each individual student through their period six class in mid-December.

 “I don’t mind it. If it’s something that gives us peace of mind, then it’s a good thing,” said Assistant Principal Mrs. Dana Cervantes when asked about COVID rapid tests.

These COVID rapid tests could be helpful for families who may not be able to afford or be able to travel to their local pharmacy. The COVID rapid tests help identify COVID quicker when used correctly, which can slow down the rate of COVID infections on campus. 

Aside from the Santa Ana Unified School District’s investment in testing, The administration for President Joe Biden made a purchase of one billion rapid covid tests. The White House began to make them available to order on January 19.

A positive test result does mean students would have to follow the district’s quarantine protocols.  This has made some skeptical of the rapid tests.  “I don’t like it, seems sketchy,” said seventh-grader Tiffany G.

Rapid tests are another tool for people to use during the COVID pandemic.  Since March 2020, there have been significant restrictions on daily life throughout California, including a year of distance learning.  With attentiveness and perseverance, the students, staff, and families of MacArthur continue to inch towards reclaiming a traditional, pre-pandemic reality.