The top-10 Disney songs to get you through your day

With as large of a music catalog as Disney has, there are so many songs to choose from!

You will hear Disney songs when you are at Disneyland or a Disney store.  You will also hear them when watching Disney+, or even flipping through the Disney Channel.  You can listen to Disney’s songs any time you want to, whether it would be doing homework or just for fun! Sometimes, someone will play a Disney song from their laptop and everybody will know it. In this list, I’m going to be sharing the Top 10 Disney songs that can get you through your day.

  1. “We don’t talk about Bruno” Encanto
    From Encanto, “We don’t talk about Bruno’’ is a very popular song at the moment, and I can’t get enough of it. The beat and lyrics of the song have you already vibing, so when you’re having a day where you have lots of free time, this is a must here.
  2. “Yo ho” ( A pirate’s life for me) Pirates of the Caribbean
    When looking at the title of where this song came from, you may be thinking of the movie with Johnny Depp, and yes it’s part of it but it’s the entrance song when going into the Disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean. Many may know the lines from the song that goes like, “Yo ho yo ho A pirate’s life for me’’ and you are probably singing it right now!
  3. “Part of Your World” Little Mermaid
    The song “Part of Your World” is the most meaningful on the list. The song is about wanting to explore the world and have freedom since Ariel can’t go up to the surface under her father’s rules. If you’re having a day where you are feeling stressed or frustrated, you can listen to this song to be at a place where you want to be.
  4. “A Whole New World” Aladdin
    This song feels magical.  It is about Aladdin showing Jasmin the outside world on a magic carpet. The way the lyrics are sung makes you have a feeling of happiness and wanting an adventure.
  5. “What’s This?” Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas
    Although this song is from a movie about Halloween and Christmas, the upbeat tempo and happy tone are great to listen to for the entire year.  If you are stuck doing chores, perhaps pick this song to get you through your day.
  6. “Almost There” The Princess and the Frog
    This song is a confidence booster! Whenever you’re having a little doubt about your goals or dreams, listen to this and feel better.
  7. “I’ve Got a Dream” Tangled
    This song gets me dancing every time and is a great self-esteem boost, too. No matter where your headspace or confidence is at, this will improve it!
  8. “The Family Madrigal” Encanto
    Okay, it’s the second Encanto song on the list, but this is the best boost of energy ever! Whenever you are in the car or at home bored you can listen to this song to get an energetic feeling.
  9. “Evermore” Beauty and the Beast (2017)
    Although this song doesn’t have much of an energetic feeling, I still think this song is beautiful because of the lyrics. You can understand the emotion and that comfort is a strong remedy for loneliness.
  10. “Face my Fears” Kingdom Hearts 3
    This is probably something you never heard of because it’s from the video game series called Kingdom Hearts.  Players only hear in the introduction of the game, but when listening to the lyrics of the song about how it’s normal to want to avoid the things you fear and while listening to the rest of the song you get an EDM vibe, which I think is pretty cool. Whenever you have a day where you feel indecisive or afraid of taking a risk this is a big recommendation of a song that you should listen to because this song is a meaning that it’s okay to avoid the things you are afraid of doing.

Now, whenever you are at home bored or doing homework you can listen to these Disney songs that I’ve given you. Which of these songs helps YOU get through the day?