A mascot for each classroom

Seminar students get hands-on experience decorating the door for their tiger connection class.

On Friday, January 20  MacArthur Fundamental started a week-long contest for that allowed tiger connection students and teachers to decorate their classroom door. The contest ended on January 27, with the winner being the tiger connection class of Science Teacher Mrs. Esther Flores and her Mighty Tigers! 

With each Tiger Connection class having a mascot, it really helped out with the ideas for their door, according to School Counselor Mrs. Laurie Tristan. Every tiger connection class has a mascot, which can vary from tigers, sea creatures, and even wizards! The reason why MacArthur started this contest was to “change up tiger connection” and the tiger connection team “wanted to do something fun,” said Tristan. 

Tristan also highlighted the best doors she saw throughout this contest. Tristan said that all doors were great, but Mrs. Katie Cunningham and her students had a very cool idea. Cunningham’s door was a boxing ring mixed with confidence. Tristan also said that Mrs. Cristina Barber’s class gave a very warm welcome when she and other administrators came to judge her door. 

As for the winning door, Tristan said that Flores’s class was “very creative.  It was very hard to choose just one. They were all very good – there was no worst door.” 

To Tristan, mascots are important in this school: “Mascots are important because they bring team spirit and connection.”

The class winners of this contest received a donut party and food certificates. While 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place won food certificates.  

While many students didn’t really have an opinion of this contest, many students, including seventh-grader Rachel S., who said “The door competition was very interesting to observe. By far, one of my favorite competitions the school has held.”  Many students thought it was fun because they got to interact with their classmates. For example, they may have helped with cutting, taping, drawing, etc.

With everyone having fun with this contest, maybe MacArthur could make a contest where each tiger connection class would decorate the inside of their classroom as a book or movie.  We will see what’s left to come!