Eighth graders challenged to maintain their end-of-the-year activities

From March 1 until the end of the school year, the end-of-the-year activities for eighth graders are at risk for failing grades and poor behavior.

As school continues to take on a traditional form, eighth graders can now look forward to the best part of the year, the eighth-grade activities! Last year’s previous class of 2021 never got the chance to be rewarded with the eighth-grade activities due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales and staff held a drive-through promotion, for the eighth-grade students to experience with their parents. 

All eighth-graders who have met or exceeded their academic expectations are then rewarded with activities specifically for eighth graders only. At the end of the year, eighth-graders will go to Knotts Berry Farm, view the eighth-grade slideshow, attend the eighth-grade dance, and participate in the promotion ceremony.

“Academics are a priority; hard work pays off and gets rewarded. If you don’t try, you won’t get rewarded,” said Gonzales.

One of the most anticipated activities is the trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. All students who earned their privileges get a one-day field trip to the theme park. All students attending will have the entire school day inside the park without any formal supervision.

Another awaited activity that eighth-graders will earn is the slideshow that Math Teacher Mr. James Axton and his yearbook class put together all year, with pictures from elementary school and all.  Eighth-grade students will get to watch and laugh at pictures of each other and relive the memories of their three years here at MacArthur.

One of the most exciting events is the dance.  Eighth-graders have an entire dance just to themselves. Everything that the eighth graders get will be free of charge: the food, drinks, karaoke, photo booths, and a theme to the dance. 

And finally, the most anticipated and the most important event of all, the eighth-grade promotion ceremony. All students who have passed all their classes and exceeded their limit. will finally be promoted and go on to high school. All students at MacArthur have been waiting and looking forward to this special day. Parents will get to watch their once little kid grow up and be ready for high school.

Eighth-grader Kaila U. said, “I am excited about the dance because it’s a great way to be with your friends for the last moments of the school year! I even get to dance with my friends!”

To keep these rewards, students must not receive any semester F’s in any classes or be suspended from school. Additionally, students will progressively lose an activity for every time they reach the sixth step or beyond of any fundamental card: assignment, tardy, and behavior.