Boys basketball bring home the championship

Going undefeated, the MacArthur boys basketball team wins the intermediate school tournament on March 19.

The MacArthur boys basketball team won the intermediate school tournament at Segerstrom High school, becoming district champions.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders participated in the March 19 athletic event, which started at 8:30 AM.  The team was coached by coach Ms. Maria Guerrero, junior varsity coach for the Segerstrom basketball team.

Counselor Mr. Muna Osisioma said, “The team did really good. Probably, the best team there!” MacArthur did so well that they won each and every one of their games, scoring more than 40 per game. 

The first teams MacArthur played were McFadden Intermediate and Lathrop Intermediate in the group stage of the tournament.  The boys were prepared and dominated the early rounds.  The knock out rounds consisted of games against Mendez Fundamental and Carr Intermediate, which was MacArthur’s path to victory.

Seventh-grader Trey F. averaged 22 points in all the games, and he felt he had a good tournament, overall. Trey said, “I am 100% looking forward to joining the basketball team my eighth-grade year.”

Noah M., seventh grade, said, “I felt really good beating all the teams, but the hardest team we faced was Mendez Intermediate.”  Noah averaged 12 points throughout all the games. “I felt really good when we won the finals and I’m positive that I will be joining next year in eighth grade.”

While at practice Coach Guerrero would have the team do timed lay-ups, and if they did not make the right time they would have to run laps. While at practice they worked on the conditioning, foot-work, defense, and shooting. The team practiced Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, for six weeks from 2:30 to 4:00

MacArthur’s results in past boys basketball tournaments include a championship in 2017, a 2-2 finish in 2018, and  3-1 tournament in 2020.  The 2022 boys basketball team was the second championship team from MacArthur this year.