Student Store returns full time

Following the pandemic, the student store reopens for a regular, after-school schedule.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the Student Store is open for all students to satisfy their cravings for chips, iced tea, and ramen noodles. The Parent Faculty Organization, P.F.O. opened the Student Store over 15 years ago to help fund events such as dances, after-school events, and others by selling a variety of different snacks and school supplies. 

The MacArthur Student Store reopened this past September to serve students weekly.  Last school year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic which continued for the majority of the year, the store remained non-operational up until the last few months of school instruction.  However, as restrictions have been lifted and cases of the virus have been going down significantly, the store can continue to serve our students by providing snacks and other items for purchase. 

“We do all this for the kids!” said Mr. Guzman, who works the Student Store as a member of P.F.O.

There are a large variety of snacks and school supplies available for sale. Chips, candy, soup, and drinks are all staples at the store, most of the items cost between $1 and $2.  Specific items include Hot Cheetos, Takis, Skittles  Twix, Maruchan Cup Noodles, and Arizona Iced Tea in various flavors.  The snacks are certainly the main draw, however, they do offer school supplies as well. 

Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales said “pencils, protractors, paper, and pocket protectors” along with other items are available for purchase. 

Eighth-grader Jade T. is a frequent shopper at the Student Store.  Coca-Cola is one of her favorite items to purchase, “I get a Coca-Cola every time I go.”  Jade goes to the store “at least once a week” due to her being involved in the Engage 360 after-school program.  She also appreciates the convenience of having our store on campus. “It’s nice that I don’t have to leave campus from Engage,” said Jade.

The presence of the Student Store on campus allows for money to be raised to go back into the school as well as allowing students to purchase their favorite snacks to enjoy after school.  The money raised from purchases gets funded back into the school to also help with other events throughout the year.