New testing schedule for MAP

In order to achieve a higher completion rate and eliminate the need for makeups, the testing schedule has been moved into a three-day format, run through Tiger Connection.

When the Fall MAP was administered at MacArthur this year, students followed a new schedule. The new schedule has students testing from Tuesday to Friday while being conducted in Tiger Connection, or zero-period cohorts.  The schedule was implemented to limit makeup time and try to have all students complete the test within the allotted time.  It will go back into effect next time students do MAP testing in January and March, according to Assessment and Data Specialist Mr. Scott Whisner.

“In the past, we’d have a lot of students who didn’t finish during school hours.  This year, we cut down on the number of make-ups,” Whisner said.  “During this new schedule, it worked very well.”

The testing schedule differs this year in that make-ups now take place on a Friday rather than during class periods or after school. This is because students have either not gone to the makeup sessions after school, or used in-class makeup time as an excuse to miss class. 

The new schedule makes it easier for everyone to test at the same time. Testing also takes place during Tiger Connection since last year, the testing schedule was placed exclusively on the language arts and math teachers.  Last year students had two days per week for the ELA and math MAP tests, but this year, there is one day per test with Friday to finish either of the ones unfinished. 

“I didn’t hate the MAP test,” eighth-grade student Julieta R. said.  “It was just boring and made me tired.”

Testing data is important because all of the data goes back to the math and ELA teachers of the student testing and review it to learn how to better assist that students’ needs. The results measure growth over the year, and the results given from the test help to set a projected score, usually expected to be 4 points higher than the one scored. According to general guidelines, students should be within the 50th percentile of others in their grade level or strive for above 50 which indicates a good score.

“I thought the MAP schedule was really long and really boring,” said eighth-grader Mayah R.

MAP testing happens three times a year, starting in August, occurring again in December, and finally ending in March. All of these assessments include the ELA and Math tests. However, testing schedules are open to change at any time as long as the committee behind them approves the change.