Opening assembly sets expectations for the school year

On August 26 all MacArthur students attended an assembly delivered by Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales, to go over the expectations for the school year in the P.A.R. The students went during their elective classes. Gonzales, Assistant Principal. Mr. Raul Olivas, and Family and Community Engagement Liaison Mr. Johan Arana clarified and emphasized the rules that were most important for a safe and clean campus.

Gonzales said about the assembly’s overall effect, “I believe that the students did improve.”  He also felt that the assembly was thorough.  “I think we covered all the material.” 

Not all the assemblies will be about rules.  Gonzales said, “An Awards and Veteran assembly are coming up.”  Valuing the experience overall, Gonzales also felt that  “the expectation assembly is about reminding students that their actions matter and we want our campus to be safe for everyone”.

One rule that was emphasized during the assembly was enforcing students to pick up their trash during nutrition and lunch.  This has been a rule focus all year, and Gonzales has mentioned this during the video morning announcements, too.

Eighth-grader Erick V. felt that the assembly was only reviewed. “I did not learn anything in the assembly because I already knew the rules,” said Erick. He also said, “I learned not to disrupt other classes.”  However, Erick did believe that the emphasis on littering may have helped “some students because it seems that “the campus is cleaner than last year.”

Besides the assembly, Tiger Connection reminds students about the importance of our rules and behavior on school grounds. One example was a lesson on Monday, October 17, in which students learned about the rules of Chromebooks.

Eighth-grader Anali G. said, “I learned how to remain safe on campus.” However, Anali felt that not all students responded to the assembly.   “To be honest no, I don’t think students cared.”  Anali did appreciate Gonzales’ sense of humor regarding the grass.  “Don’t hurt the grass or it will hurt you.”

Eighth-grader Aileen A. said, “I learned about the expectations for the school there are fewer announcements and reminders than I remember from previous years.”