MacArthur celebrates 40th anniversary with a skate night fundraiser

MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School had its 40th anniversary celebrated by hosting a skate night at the Fountain Valley Skating Center. The August 28 celebration was also a fundraiser for the students going on the Puerto Rico trip next summer.

Sixth-grade E.L.A. and Spanish Teacher Mrs. Cristina Barber said, “The 40th anniversary is an alumni night to reunite the people of MacArthur and recognize MacArthur’s accomplishments over the years.”  The night was well attended.  Barber said approximately 450 people went to Macarthur’s 40th anniversary at the Fountain Valley skating center.

Sixth-grader Brianna S. said, “My favorite thing to do at skate night was to go skate.”  She said it wasn’t challenging  for her to skate, and that she would “go again if she could.”

According to Barber, there was another skate night on October 14.  The next skating fundraiser will be in March.  The fundraising opportunity helps pay for the trip to Puerto Rico that Barber is coordinating.  

Eighth-grader Andrea L. said that she would change skate night to have the red light green light because “last time I went, they had the game red light green light, and this time when she went they didn’t have it.” Although Andrea enjoyed the skate night overall, she didn’t like “waiting 30 minutes to get food” at the snack bar.  

MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School opened up in 1982, as the first fundamental intermediate school in the Santa Ana Unified School District. Other fundamental intermediate schools include Villa and Mendez.  Additionally, Godinez Fundamental High School expands the fundamental school system from K-12 in Santa Ana.

At this point, there are no other activities scheduled for the 40th anniversary of the school.  The last time MacArthur commemorated an anniversary was at the 25th anniversary with an assembly and several of the previous principals and notable former students returning.