First awards recognizes achievement and participation

Continuing a pre-pandemic tradition, MacArthur recognized hundreds of students during the first-quarter assembly.

On October 14, MacArthur held the first awards assembly this school year.  Everyone On campus got together in the quad during second period to recognize those with awards.  Approximately 302 students from MacArthur received recognition and a certificate, and parents were able to attend the assembly to celebrate their child’s achievement.

Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales said, “It always makes me proud to be the principal here to see how many students are achieving levels. There is an assembly because we want to promote and encourage all students to achieve not only in academics but in other areas as well and students should be recognized for their hard work and efforts.”

The assembly recognized those with Honor Roll, V.I.P., Principal’s List, and much more. These three awards were based on last year’s second-semester G.P.A.  Students that were recognized for Honor roll had a 3.0 – 3.82, V.I.P recognizes students with straight O’s, and lastly, the Principal’s list recognizes students with a G.P.A of 3.83 or higher. Ninety-six students were recognized for the Honor Roll, 117 students were recognized for the Principal’s List, and 54 were recognized for V.I.P. 

Seventh-grader Madelyn L. said, “I felt very accomplished because my award was something that made me feel good. I achieved the Honor Roll because I had a high G.P.A.  My father was also very pleased and proud of me after the assembly.”

MacArthur’s athletic students also got recognized that day as well, including girls volleyball, the flag football team, and the cross country team. A.S.B. members were recognized, including the incoming sixth-grade members. Everyone that got an award for those and the other reasons went in front of each person as their name got called by Gonzales on the speakers. Once everyone was on stage, the crowd applauded the students who were recognized.

According to Gonzales, the next assembly will have all Winter sports along with several additional academic and extra-curricular programs. They will also recognize those with particular subjects like math and language arts. They have no specific date on when the next assembly will take place but they do know for sure it will be January after Winter break. 

School counselor Mr. Muna Osisioma said, “I felt like it was great to see students be recognized and I enjoyed parents beaming with pride as their child got called on the stage, I felt great while awarding students and it was rewarding because the kids that I called didn’t know they won a reward.”