Halloween Dance continues to be well-attended

Over 300 costumed students attended the annual event.

On October 28, MacArthur had a Halloween dance from 2:45 to 5:00 PM. According to Family and Community Liaison Mr. Johan Arana, 359 students attended the dance. The money was split into ASB, CJSF, and AVID. Club members helped set up the maze and run the carnival games during the dance.

Sixth-grader Brandon P. said, “I didn’t dress up as anything, only as myself“

Some games that were held were cornhole, pumpkin bowling, and face painting. The carnival-style games were located on the perimeter of the quad, which also housed the DJ and dance.

Students were allowed to wear costumes but could not have masks, weapons, or blood. During all extracurricular activities, the dress code and cell phone policies remain in effect.

Popular costumes among students included angels, anime cosplays, oversized T-rex inflations, game characters, and more.  Not just students enjoyed dressing up, but teachers and staff also participated in the festivities.

“I think the dance was because the PFO sold out of items at the snack bar.  We, overall, had a big success,” Arana said.

The maze, which was built and run by ASB students, was four different scenes. The scenes included a Scream-inspired scene, a fortune teller, a circus, and a zombie graveyard. The cost to enter was $2 for each student.

There wasn’t a maze last year due to COVID, but the tradition was able to return this year. It took a large group of fifteen students and three adults to help set up the maze. According to Arana, the maze took one week to make. There were split opinions on how scary and fun the maze was, overall.

Sixth-grader Gabriel P. said, “I didn’t really like the maze, the line was very long but the maze was small, so it wasn’t really worth it.”

Some other dances to look forward to that are being held at MacArthur are the Winter Dance, the Friendship Dance, and the End-of-the-Year Dance.  All dances require a 2.0 grade point average to attend.