Parent Conferences work to help struggling students

A small number of students were invited to attend the annual Parent-Teacher conferences.

A select group of parents and students were invited to have parent conferences to provide the help they need with most of their classes. There were two dates for these parent conferences, November 3 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. The other one was on Friday, November 4 from 7:30 to 11:00 AM. 

Students not attending a conference on the Friday had a day off from school, so the teachers could meet with students and parents who were in need of additional support. Each invited student had a scheduled time, and they would meet in the designated grade-level room. Sixth grade met in the P.A.R., seventh grade met in the library, and eighth grade met in room 27. All teachers would be there, as well as counselors and administrators. 

“We hope that the students recognize how they can become better and we want the parents to recognize what is getting in the way of student success,” Language Arts Teacher Mr. Gregory Celestino said. 

Students who had a conference had to arrive on time with a parent because of the amount of students that teachers had conferences with. Sixth graders had 15-minute conferences and seventh graders had 20-minute conferences,  and eighth graders had 30-minute conferences. All students had to bring their backpack and school supplies including, Agenda, Chromebook, notebooks, binder, and writing utensils. 

“I think that me having a conference helped me be more organized and prepared for school and teachers offered a lot of help and tutoring for me,” eighth-grader Lizbeth S. said. 

Binders help keep students organized because students use dividers, so each class has its own separate section for assigned homework. Binders can also carry lined paper, which can be used in any class. Agendas also are very helpful as well because students write down their homework for that day and it helps keep track of what was done that whole week.  There are also places to record a grade check and tutoring opportunities, too.

“Personally, I don’t even have a binder.  I kind of just put stuff that’s due in the front of my agenda. It honestly helps me more like that, Agendas help me a lot because I forget about stuff that’s due the next day,” said eighth-grader Daniel V.

On December 23, the first semester ends. This means that students’ grades will be finalized on their transcripts.  The parent conferences were specifically scheduled to help limit the number of semester Fs.