Second Awards Assembly celebrates accomplishments from Semester 1

Bringing together the MacArthur Motto of Spirit, Pride, and Achievement, the awards assembly recognizes hundreds of students.

On Friday, January 27, all MacArthur students attended the 2nd awards assembly in the quad after the second period. In Tiger Connection, the awards were given to students to help expedite the assembly itself. The assembly’s purpose was to show the students that their hard work and dedication are valued.

“I enjoy the awards assembly, it reminds me that there are students here that are positive and determined to achieve great things,” said Principal Mr. Ray Gonzales.

According to Gonzales, there are usually about 250 kids that receive awards, and 300 awards are given out. This year there are 465 students that are receiving awards such as VIPs, Honor roll, and Principal’s roll. The VIPs are given out for getting all Os, even if the student’s grades are average. While the Honor and principal rolls are Given out for getting G.P.A higher than 3.5 or getting all O’s.

 “I was kinda shocked but proud of myself to get an award overall,” said eighth-grader Chastellin L.

Each Award is for different categories, such as academics, sports, and department-specific awards. Academic awards were given out to students with a G.P.A higher than 3.5.  Sports are for recognizing the team and celebrating outstanding performers.  

Department-specific awards are given out for specific projects or assignments.  At this assembly, eighth-grade participants in Model Congress were recognized, along with C.J.S.F. and AVID members for extra-curricular involvement.  The counselors also recognized students who showed growth in the first semester.

After the pledge of allegiance and going over the expectations for the assembly, the MacArthur intermediate band performed the song called “Awake the Iron”.

“I was pretty proud of my awards and I was shocked when I got my National History Day award,” said seventh-grader Neo G.

After this assembly, there will be two more Awards Assemblies, recognizing similar accomplishments among the students.  The last awards assembly will be the eighth-grade exclusive assembly at Segerstrom High School on May 25 at 6:00 PM.