The Tiger's Tale

MacArthur Football wins the SAUSD Tournament for the fourth straight year

Autymn Marine, Staff Reporter

November 27, 2017

The MacArthur football team won the Santa Ana Unified School District Intermediate School tournament on Saturday, October 7 for the fourth year in a row.  The tournament was held at Valley High School.  According to Coach Mr...

Boardriders have a successful sale of Active socks

Celest Rivas, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2017

Longtime club Boardriders Anonymous earned $250 through their lunchtime sale of Active Socks. Socks were on sale to students at lunch for a price of $7 a pair, and were sold during the second half of October. Because of this suc...

The Halloween Dance hosts 400 students to raise money for school clubs

Aileen Montes, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2017

On October 27, the Spanish Club, Garden Club and AVID hosted the Halloween Dance at school. The dance started at 2:30 PM and ended at 5:00. The money was being split up among the three clubs.  Over 400 students came to the Hallow...

Hippocrates Circle visits Western University School of Medicine

Andrew Tellez, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2017

Hippocrates Circle Adviser Dr. Russell Hill said Hippocrates Circle is, “A society on campus for students interested in becoming a doctor.” Hippocrates took a field trip to the Western University School of Medicine on Satu...

Chromebooks now housed in classrooms

Francisco Palmero, Staff Reporter

November 15, 2017

The Administration of MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate changed the policy on Chromebooks over the Summer. The new policy is used to let every core classroom house a Chromebook cart to reduce damage costs and repairs. According...

Students need to pick up the pace in the hallways

Nayeli Robles, Editor-in-Chief

October 20, 2017

The worst part about being a MacArthur student is the hallways. They are small, and it is hard to get through. At times, students walk so slow and that causes traffic, which can be frustrating. The hallway that has most t...

Dr. Ahangarzadeh and Dr. Cochran take over as Assistant Principals

Wendy Rodriguez, Managing Editor

October 18, 2017

For the current 2017-2018 year, MacArthur has two new assistant principals.  Coming from the district office is Dr. Emil Ahangarzadeh, who splits time between Villa Fundamental and MacArthur.  Also from the district office, Dr. M...

75 Students participate in the Summer Enrichment

Wendy Rodriguez, Managing Editor

September 1, 2017

On June 26 through July 20, students who were invited by Mr. Gregory Celestino, Mr. Patrick Evans, Mr. Peter Boyd, and Mr. Charles Manfre attended the summer enrichment program. According to Celestino, this is the fourth year doing t...

Segerstrom High School invites eighth graders and parents for evening orientation

Natalie Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2017

The counseling staff at Segerstrom high school put together a high school orientation on March 13, 2017, which was 10 days prior to the March 22 high school visitation day for all eighth grade students. The evening orientation allowed counselors to have direct communication with parents and students, simultaneously.

MacArthur earns Gold Ribbon

Wendy Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2017

On Monday March 20, 2017 the Gold Ribbon Committee visited MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School.  The Gold Ribbon committee is a group from the Orange County Department of Education and they verified MacArthur deserved th...

National Counseling Week puts student learning front and center

Wendy Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

April 20, 2017

MacArthur celebrated National Counseling Week from February 6-10, as determined by The American School Counselor Association.  Counselors Ms. Christine Silva and Mrs. Laurie Tristan oversaw a series of activities to teach students...

Power Rangers was not a great movie

Marcus Onofre, Managing Editor

April 14, 2017

Although not for everyone, this movie was a new and improved version of the 90’s Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The actors do a great job, especially Naomi Scott, who plays the Pink Ranger, and Dacre Montgomery, who plays the Red Ranger. Also, Elizabeth Banks puts in a solid performance as Rita Repulsa. Compared to the TV show, all the acting and performances were much improved.

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