Book Recommendation: The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection starts of an exciting, emotional series that will give anyone a new obsession.

Everyone has a specific type of book they like to read.  It could be books with action, adventure, and even drama.  But there’s a book series I would like to recommend if you like all sorts of genres.  This book series is packed with drama, action, mystery, and lastly, romance.

The Selection by Kiera Cass is a book series about girls being chosen at random from applications to go against one another to win Prince Maxon’s heart.

Our main character here didn’t want to enter at all but still sent an application to please her parents.  Now, who is this girl who didn’t want to enter to be future queen someday?  That would be America Singer, a ranked 5.  In this story, there are ranks that determine everything in your life.  1 being the highest rank, 10 being lowest.  America also has a secret forbidden lover she must let go of.

My opinion on this first book is that it is incredibly written – once you start reading it, you simply can’t stop! It’s so investing from the start.  You’ll just want to read this book as quickly as you can after you finish the first!

This first book of The Selection series is unique for many reasons. This book constantly gives you the perspective of different suitors, America Singer, the prince, and many others.  In this book, you will read the perspective of others and be confused, but then after reading some more everything eventually connects.   “In a palace of rivals, only one can win his heart…” So, expect a lot of drama and sabotage among the suitors. America will not be the same person she was before the selection. 

Since America has never experienced such things as being in a gown and wearing makeup constantly, it is very clear she is not good at these things.  Because she is not the only suitor, she is at risk for elimination.  This creates ongoing suspense.  If she messes something up, you automatically think this can ruin her chance and she will be eliminated.  In all honesty, I think America is a perfect match for Prince Maxon. 

As you read the book, it is clear that America and Prince Maxon complete each other. Prince Maxon has never experienced life outside of the palace.  He doesn’t really know what struggle is. America is ranked 5, so she and her family have normal jobs but minimum wages. Even with that sometimes they didn’t have enough money.  

So, you think since Maxon is a prince he has never dealt with struggles right?  Wrong!  He has.  His father expects the best from him and to choose the perfect suitor to rule alongside him.  This puts massive pressure on Maxon, but America has befriended him and has decided to help him, even though she is a suitor.  She befriends him because Maxon has never had a real friend inside the palace.  They create a very close bond.  This is why I think they are the perfect match.  Like, come on now!  They are obviously made for each other!

The plot, of course, does not always go as planned.  There are many other contestants trying to win the love of Prince Maxon, which leads to sabotage among the suitors.  There is also America’s ex-lover to worry about.  With all of this going, you just want to keep reading! 

Again, I would totally recommend for you to get this first book if you love a good romantic drama to read.  If you really enjoyed the first book you should consider reading the rest of the series to see who gets Prince Maxon!  Personally, I enjoyed The Selection by Kiera Cass so much I decided to buy the whole series so I can re-read them as much as I want.  So if this intrigued you, definitely read it!