Counselors deliver anti-vaping lesson to students

Trying to counter the rising use of vaping in schools, counselors deliver lessons on the dangerous effects of vaping to students and parents.

On October 25, MacArthur counselors delivered lessons regarding the danger of vaping to all MacArthur students through their science class. These presentations were made to discourage others from vaping. The counseling team presented using Google Slides, presenting on a Viewboard screen.

“I hope that the students learned that these vaping companies are targeting young teens and even kids and that they’re just using them as their profit,” said Counselor Ms. Diana Garibay.

During the presentation, the counselors focused on how harmful the side effects can be after people start vaping, the harmful effects of marijuana and the dangers of fentanyl. Both marijuana use and fentanyl are on the rise throughout California and Orange County, so it is becoming increasingly important for students to understand why these substances are dangerous.

The counselors measured the effectiveness of the lesson through the use of a before and after survey.

“I personally had Mr. Diaz and he did a good job on getting points across, while having what’s being said in the presentation relate to us,” said seventh-grader Guillermo R. “I believe they did very well!

Along with the presentation during school hours for students, MacArthur has also held a parent meeting that is very similar to the presentations that the students saw. It was to also inform students’ parents about the dangers of doing drugs.

“I feel like there’s a deep understanding after the presentation. Adding the scientific way for how it harms me clarifies how vaping can affect me,” said seventh-grader Tiffany L. “Before, I used to only know that it’s bad in general, but now I can understand it’s far more than that after the counselor presentation.” 

Garibay has stated that there will be future slideshow lessons with topics such as exploring careers and colleges for the future, anti-bullying, and even prep for high school. Finalized lessons will happen in January for the second semester. Be sure to stay tuned for those future lessons in school!